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“The Central Industrial Complex of Creative Economy Takes a Global Perspective”

We cordially invite you to the 18th TCI Global Conference held in EXCO (Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center) from November 3 to 6 2015. The Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, which has been a growth engine for Korean industrial complexes for the last 50 years, prepared TCI 2015 in cooperation with TCI Network.

The Competitive Institute (TCI) is the leading global network of main organizations and practitioners with great expertise in economic development and competitiveness. It has been an avenue for participants to share their know-how and experience through a global conference that is annually held, striving to identify a new strategy for innovation.

TCI 2015 will be an arena of open discussion on strategies and trends of the global creative economy; policies and competitiveness of advanced industry clusters; integration and convergence of industry and clusters; and globalization and entrepreneurship under the theme of “Creative Economy and Cluster; Business Model and Policy Agenda.” The keynote lectures and presentation on up-to-date theses given by world-renowned scholars and discussions attended by professional groups in active service will pave the way for suggestions in the creation of a new vision on the creative economy and clusters.

In particular, this conference will be the largest of its kind that will be joined by industry–academy cooperation specialists, such as government organizations, public development organizations, universities, and business owners, from almost 50 countries around the world including Europe and South America as well as Asian countries.

Aside from this, it will provide various programs such as cluster tours, corporate exhibition halls, export counseling, and so on.

We believe that TCI 2015 will be a great opportunity to share the direction of the creative economy and clusters suggested by global specialists beyond traditional growth strategies. It will also be an avenue to build a network with TCI’s strong experts.

Please give us your attention and support.

Thank you.

Nam-Hoon Kang,
President of the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
Chair, Local Steering Committee of TCI 2015