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Program (Nov. 04)

Time Session Attendee
09:00-10:00 Opening Ceremony 27
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30~12:00 [Opening Session] New Direction of Cluster Policy in a Creative Economy (Room 325)
Moderator: Dr. Christian Ketels
Harvard Business School, USA & TCI Network
[OP-1] Clusters for Competitiveness: Mobilizing the Power of Modern Cluster Policy
Dr. Christian Ketels
Harvard Business School, USA & TCI Network
[OP-2] Clusters as a Basic of Capitalism 5.0
Prof. Dong-sung Cho
Seoul National University, Korea & Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, China
[OP-3] Cluster Policy in a Creative Economy in Germany/NRW
Dr. Günther Horzetzky
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
12:00-12:30 Cluster Speed Meeting
Connect with international delegates and expand your professional network
12:30-13:30 Luncheon 27
13:20~15:00 Parallel Session 1
[1.1] Performance of Outstanding Enterprise Participating in the Cluster Program (Room 320)
Moderator: Dr. Yong Hwan Kim
Korean-German Institute of Technology, Korea

[1.1-1] Daechang Solution Co.,Ltd
Ha Neul Ahn
[1.1-2] SUNGMOON Co., Ltd
Kwang Woo Park
[1.1-3] OKETEC Co., Ltd
Eui Seon Jo
[1.1-4] FTLAB Co., Ltd
Yong Soon Yu
[1.1-5] KSB Co.,Ltd
Yong Soon Yu
[1.1-6] EVERNET Co.,Ltd
Seung-Young Kim
[1.1-7] ROWTS Co., Ltd
Sang Hyuk Park
[1.2] Analysis of Cluster Models and Cluster Ecosystem (Room 321)
Moderator: Prof. Young Jun Kim
Graduate School of Management of Technology, Korea University, Korea
[1.2-1] Industry Clusters and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Competing Agendas or Synchronised Policy?
Allan O'Connor
The University of Adelaide, Australia

[1.2-2] Ecosystem Impact in Start-up Firms: a Comparative Analysis between South Korea and Finland
Matthias Deschryvere & Younghwan Kim
VTT Technical Research Centre Finland & Science and Technology Policy Institute(STEPI), Korea

[1.2-3] Creativity, Clusters, and the Competitive Advantage of Cities
Melissa M. Pogue
Martin Prosperity Institute, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada

[1.2-4] [1.2-4] Exploring the Miracle: a Pragmatic Approach to Evaluating Collaborative Dynamics in Clusters
Emily Wise
Lund University and IEC, Sweden

[1.2-5] Cluster Evolutionary Trajectories and Their Cases
Chulwoo Lee & Jihye Jeon
Kyungpook National University, Korea
[1.3] Shaping Creative Economies through Clusters(Room 322)
Moderator: Mr. Gavin Artz
Department of State Development, South Australia, Australia
[1.3-1] Investing for a Creative Region
Madeline Smith
The Glasgow School of Art, UK

[1.3-2] Incentives and Support Policies for the Video Game Industry and Clusters in Different Countries
Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke & Nadine Barthel
Mesopartner PartG, Germany

[1.3-3] MTNS-MADE: How the Blue Mountains Creative Industries Cluster is Driving Jobs and Growth in Screen Production in Regional Australia
Kelly Blainey
Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise, Australia

[1.3-4] How strategic use of Design Connect Business with People
Thit Juul Madsen
D2i - Design to innovate, Denmark

[1.3-5] Uncovering the Characteristics of Business Model in Open Data Companies and Their Relational Positions Using Webometrics Analysis - Focusing on Geospatial Companies in United States
Jiyoung Park
Yeungnam University, Korea
[1.4] New Direction in Cluster Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Competitiveness (Room 323)
Moderator: Mr. Alberto Pezzi
ACCIÓ-Catalan Government, Spain & TCI Network
[1.4-1] New Approaches to Cluster-led Economic Development: a Comparative Analysis of Federal Policies and Metro Level Strategies in the USA
Kathleen Lee
Greater Phoenix Economic Council, U.S.A

[1.4-2] The Dynamic Interaction between Clusters, Cities and Internationalization: New Competitiveness Policies with the City of Porto as a Hub
Ana Teresa Tavares-Lehmann
InvestPorto, Portugal

[1.4-3] Ontario's Cluster Performance and Policy Evolvement
Weiru Shi
Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity, Canada
[1.4-4] The Danish Cluster Strategy - Status and New Areas for Improvement
Morten Solgaard Thomsen
Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark

[1.4-5] The Evolutionary Dimension in Cluster Policy: Emerging Industries and the Role of Clusters in Sustainable Competitiveness
David Fernandez Terreros
SPRI Basque Country Business Development Agency, Spain
[1.5] Accelerating Cluster Growth in Asian Countries (Room 324A)
Moderator: Dr. Jong Woo Kang
Asian Development Bank
[1.5-1] Korean Technoparks’ Clustering Role and Development Direction
Byungho Seong
Daegu Technopark, Korea

[1.5-2] What We Could Learn from Asia? The Comparison of European and Asian Model of Cluster Policy
Martina Sopoligova
Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic

[1.5-3] Industrial Cluster Development in Lao PDR: Opportunities and Challenges
Byoungki Kim
Shiga University, Japan

[1.5-4] [1.5-4] Configuration of Alliance Portfolio for Firm’s Innovation in Eco-friendly Car Industry: Hyundai Motor and Toyota
Hyeonjoo Jeong
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Korea
15:00-16:15 [Special Plenary Session] Clusters in Korea: Development Process and Achievement (Room 325)
Moderator: Prof. Eui Young Lee
Kunsan National University, Korea
[SP-1] Evaluating Korean Innovative Cluster Policies: Emerging a New Type of Asian Clusters?
Prof. Kee-Bom Nahm
University of Seoul, Korea

[SP-2] Future Agenda of Cluster Policy in Korea: Toward global Collaborative Cluster Program in KICOX
Prof. Jun Yeop Kim
Kyunghee University, Korea

[SP-3] Boosting Cluster and Mini-Cluster-based Programs in Korea
Prof. Beom Cheol Cin & Prof. Eui Young Lee
Kyonggi University, Korea & Kunsan Nationl University, Korea

16:15~16:30 Coffee Break
16:30~18:00 [Plenary Session 1]Asian Cluster Model: New Perspective and Trends (Room 325)
Moderator: Dr. Chong In Lim
Korea Industrial Complex Cooperation(KICOX), Korea & TCI Network
[PL1-1] Development Hi-tech and Achieve Industrialization: the Exploration and Perspective of the Development Chinese Science & Technology Industry Parks
Mr. Yang Yuecheng
Torch High Technology Industry Development Centre, China

[PL1-2] Innovation Clusters – a National Strategy to Build Technology Capabilities in Singapore
Dr. Pauline Tay
National Research Foundation, Singapore

[PL1-3] Building Economic Zones and Cross-regional Cluster Ecologies in Emerging Asia
Dr. Jong Woo Kang
Regional Cooperation and Integration Division, Asian Development Bank

[Panel Discussion] How to Leverage Clusters to Unlock Growth Potential
18:00~19:00 TCI General Assembly (Room 323) 20
19:00-20:00 TCI Networking Reception (3F Lobby) 24