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Check out transportation information (shuttle bus schedule) here!

TCI 2015
2015.10.28. 17:49:30
Dear TCI 2015 participants,

Please find the information regarding transportation attached herewith.

1. Shuttle Bus Time Schedule
Please check out your transportation information and shuttle bus time schedule

2. MICE Concierge Service Desk (Incheon Aiport – F Gate, 1F (Desk No. 63)) 
If you come to Korea via Incheon International Airport, please drop by MICE Concierge service desk. 
You can get information for not only Conference but also transportation to Daegu, tour information 
and additional general information at MICE Concierge Service desk. 
Please feel free to visit the desk to get information related to your visiting.W

3. KTX (Korea Train express) is a high speed rail express train that connects 
   Incheon Airport to Seoul, Daejeon, Dongdaegu, Busan, Mokpo, Yeosu, and other cities. 
  There are 7 operating hours a day from Incheon to Dongdaegu.
   For reservation, please move to following page.

4. Information Desk at Dongdaegu Station
    Information desk will be operated from Nov. 1 to 4. Nearby Gate No.8
    If you need an assistance on your transportation, please visit the desk.

We thank you for your attendance, and look forward to seeing you during the upcoming conference.

TCI 2015 Secretariat

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