2. Cluster Policy and Competitiveness

Clusters have been recognized as the key factors and effective tools for regional and economic development for a long time and are still perceivedas the main factors for the policy makers and planners to consider. Competing in the era of globalization is related to the presence of clustersdirectly and indirectly. So it is still important to address the role of clusters for strengthening competitiveness.
This theme is to review the clusterpolicies and strategies for strengthening regional and national competitiveness all over the world. This theme also aims to describe the dynamics ofclusters as vehicles to bring innovation in traditional sectors and accelerate their transformation towards more added value activities. New trendsand emerging issues for improved competitiveness are especially welcome for the presentation. This track aims to describe new ways of designing clusters (in their scope and activities) to better respondto global competitiveness challenges, i.e. cross-sectorial clusters, emerging industries. Finally, this track will provide the new direction ofcluster policy in the era of globalization.