4. Inter-industrial Convergence and Clusters

The global industrial environment is changing rapidly, facing convergence era following globalization and informatization. Economic and socialagents that are moving toward an eco-friendly society and meeting the needs of the market are promoting the development of new technology,convergence of new technologies, development of hybrid technology and inter-industry convergence. Clusters all over the world are strengtheninginnovation competence through linkage and convergence of inside and outside resources. Regional universities and research institutes shouldplay an important role in order to strengthen convergence of innovative competence. Active interaction among the stakeholdersin clusters will develop many kinds of voluntary communities and also promote inter-industrial convergence.
The aim of this track is to redefine the roles of clusters for theindustries to promote convergence efficiently. They can support the creation of a new industry through convergence of technologies, products andservices. We will also take a look at the roles of regional universities, research institutes and businesses.